Happy 101 Post to Me.

I don’t look too shabby for one hundred and one. Sorry to start off this post with one of my droll jokes, but droll is how I roll. It’s my 101st post! Cheesy jokes should be excused. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. When I started this blog journey I didn’t expect it to be such a diversion. I have learned a lot about myself on this quest to become a fitter and healthier me, such as how much I love cake, white rice and red wine. What was especially serendipitous was how therapeutic writing can be. I got my creative juices flowing as I found myself thinking of what might be informative and fun blog material. Are you ever engaged in something such as a new Hot Yoga class or dining at a great Pad Thai restaurant and you think to yourself, this would make a great post? I also recall my delight when I got my first follower, granted it was my nephew Stephen who took pity on me due to my lack of followers, or should I say non existent followers. I recall my excitement when I was notified of my very first “like.”  What has been most encouraging about starting this online journal of my fitness chronicles is meeting other bloggers in the blogosphere. I have discovered new healthy recipes and all sorts of workouts. Learned all about mini weight training gloves, compression socks, the benefits of Tai Chi, not to mention drop and super sets, and it’s all because of your knowledge and expertise. I know we all live across the miles, but you have brought a lot of laughter, inspiration and motivation to my life. So thank-you, bloggers.  To wrap it up I will take a short look back at 101 posts, and all things that were Tigress like and Trex like.

Trex Behaviours:                                                                                                                

  • Ate too much birthday cake on my brother’s birthday
  • Brownies, KitKat and white rice (enough said.)
  • Skipped the gym just because I was feeling lazy
  • Indulged in one too many glasses of red wine while watching my OC and Vancouver Housewives episodes.
  • Watched too many episodes of the OC and Vancouver Housewives
  • Margaritas (enough said)        
  • Too much coffee when I was feeling low energy

Now onto Tigress Behaviours:

  • Started to weight train along with cardio training at the gym
  • Cut way back on red wine and white rice
  • Refused birthday cake at my nephew’s birthday
  • Started Yoga
  • Started Tabata
  • Started interval sprints and uphill drills on the dreadmill, I mean treadmill
  • Started stair running in my neighbourhood
  • Started jogging with a group of lovely ladies at my job
  • Bench pressed the Olympic bar
  • Bench pressed the Olympic bar and added 25 lbs
  • Did my first ever on the toe push ups
  • Introduced egg whites, greek yogurt, steel-cut oats and flax seeds to my diet
  • Created interesting salads for lunch
  • Refused red wine for the past five or more weekends
  • Increased my water intake to 1.5 litres per day
  • And last but not least………
  • Decided not to be so critical of my body and myself
I need these saddlebags to chase down those herbivores.
Stick with my habits and you'll be ready to roar!
Stick with my habits and you’ll be ready to roar!









Here’s to 101 more posts. It’s been a purrrrfect journey.



10 thoughts on “Happy 101 Post to Me.

    1. HaHa! Gotta love the drama and bling of the Real housewives franchise. Thanks to you, I’m going to the running room just to check out these compression socks. Blessings.

  1. Nice bit of content you’ve amassed here. Quite an accomplishment to be proud of. It takes a lot of work to keep producing fresh content, but it seems to come very naturally for you. I am a TOTAL OC fan, but don’t telly anybody 😉

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