Boston Mourns

This will be my one hundredth post. I wanted my 100th to be witty, light-hearted and fun. I came home from work yesterday, ready to get to work on my happy 100th post. My husband was glued to the TV. I assumed he was watching a basketball game or golf. “Did you hear what happened in Boston?” he asked.  “No, I didn’t. What’s going on?”

That’s when I sat on the couch, also glued to CNN. I did not even know the Boston Marathon was taking place, much less a bombing that claimed lives and injured many.  The turmoil of the world continues to increase, bombings, murders, abductions and shootings are reported on the evening news in an alarming rate. Often our victims are just helpless children who have not even had time to enjoy or experience life to the fullest. It also got me thinking that I am in a useless fight with two people I love dearly. We have not spoken since February and for what? A war of words, a lost temper, saying something that I now regret. And for what?  It is time to make a change. To remember what counts in this fragile existence called life, life that is filled with good times, joy and unfortunately tragic circumstances.

It is also in times like this, I personally find comfort in prayer. Instead of asking God why, I ask him to bless and be with those who are suffering. Those who are broken and defeated. I know there will always be some that don’t agree in spiritual guidance, but that is how I get through these times.  So here is the message of my 100th post. Do not be like me. Stubborn and pig-headed and not talk to someone for two months just because of foolish pride. I plan to rectify my situation, and if you are in the same situation, you can make that necessary change too.

A little boy ran out to the finish line to give his father a congratulatory hug in Boston yesterday. Little did they know that this would be their last show of love and affection toward one another. Little did they know this would be their final embrace on this earth.

Tomorrow may be too late;  but love is stronger than hate.



5 thoughts on “Boston Mourns

  1. First,
    Congratulations on your 100th Post Little Sis! A great accomplishment and best wishes for another 100 (and more). I had lunch with Audrea the other day and she commented on how much she enjoys reading your blogs.

    Very poignant observations about the tragedy in Boston too. Yes, it gets us thinking about life and our relationships and how precious they are to us. These tiffs (and I don’t mean the Toronto International film festival…ha ha:) happen in families often and we just need to forgive each other and forget and move on and back to the loving relationships we enjoy. We can learn alot from tragic events like Boston. Reading about the little boy whose life was lost brought tears to my eyes and, please don’t hate me everyone, but I even feel for the perpetrators, espcially the one who survived and now his life is over. What a waste of a young life. He could have done real good with his life instead of choosing to use his youth and intelligence to cause this death and destruction.

    Again, congratulations and keep writing!


    1. Also, I can understand how you feel about the bombers. They are so young to have such hate in their lives. Imagine what their parents are going through. Such a tragedy all around.

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