White Smoke and Jodi Arias

So I am at home, sitting on my couch, crunching on carrot sticks. It is March break and I am supposed to be relaxed, taking my time, no need to rush. Rush? No, of course not, but glued to the tele? Should not be happening. I was supposed be over and done with my workout a long time ago, but here I sit. And sit and sit. I blame current events. I can’t tear myself away from HLN and prosecutor Juan Martinez’s cross examination of Jodi Arias. I can’t wait until the Papal election is over. I’m curious and switch to CNN. I must see who the next Pope is and wait for the white smoke to blow from that chimney. Who will be the new leader of the Catholic church?

I look over at Andy and so begins my time frame shpeel

” I’ll go to the gym when…..

The white smoke in Vatican city blows
I see the new Pontiff
He makes his address to the nation
Juan Martinez cracks Jodi Arias
He comes out swinging

2 hours later….

When Jodi is caught in another lie
They approach the judge for sidebar
The commercial comes on

Oh well. Maybe I’ll just workout tomorrow.

What keeps you from starting your day?


6 thoughts on “White Smoke and Jodi Arias

      1. Hey we all have our moments! As long as it doesn’t become habit there is no harm done. We both know that won’t happen!

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