Tech Woes, Crazy Weather and the Tank Top I love

What a zany week for weather. A couple of days ago, temperatures were close to 40 below zero and then we were well above the freezing mark in double digits and now we are back, way back below zero. Toronto winters can be very inconsistent. One day you may need an umbrella and the next day you need to pull out the big warm parka and mukluks. In addition to unpredictable weather, I have been having tech troubles on my blog. I am in no way, shape or form a tech head, so these difficulties tend to frustrate me at times. Due to my own error, I thought I would clean up my media library. I deleted all the images that I felt I no longer had any use for. Big mistake. unbeknownst to me, deleting these images from my media library deleted all the images from my blog. Well, it was no fun to upload and insert these pictures from my laptop back into my blog. Egads, talk about tedious! So if you come across an X or tiny blue question mark where media images should be, this means that I couldn’t replace the images or was too lazy, I mean too tired of uploading pictures.  C’est la vie! One thing I’m disappointed about is that I cannot recover my before pictures that I posted way back in August. This means, I will have no visible image to compare my results when I have my 6 month measurements in two weeks, and can only show stats through text. Sorry, booooooring! I know. It would have been nice for readers to see a visual of any results or changes in my body, and for myself too. Another technical difficulty had been with publishing Tuesday’s post. After I clicked published, it did not appear on my homepage. To make along tech story short, I had to reblog the post and then it appeared. Don’t get it??

Well, onwards and upwards. While on Facebook, I saw this great tank top that my friend had posted on her page. Sorry gents, it’s for us ladies. I think it will be my new motivational fitness quote. When I can do at least three to five unassisted pull-ups , I just may have to treat myself and buy it. This is my indication that I have earned a tank with this quote.





Does anyone have a fitness/motivational quote that resonates with you or a specific fitness goal you are working toward? Would love to hear from you.


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