Saddlebags Don’t Lie

I used to love that song “Hips Don’t Lie.” The Shakira hit celebrated curvaceous women and the contours of their bodies. I always thought that my saddlebags were simply my hips not lying, you know, a little extra cushioning on my hips. Saddlebags I later discovered, are below the hips and are pockets of fat that have settled on the outer thighs. Although I am seeing physical gains and slight changes in my body, I am feeling a little anxious as my 6 month measurements are approaching next month. I still have these saddlebags. Unfortunately,  excess fat on the thighs are a common affliction of the Trex body type.

I have had saddlebags as early as my late teens. It is such a challenge to find jeans that fit my body type. For example, a size eight pair of jeans would fit comfortably in the thigh region, but the waist would swallow me up and it would look as though I was wearing clown pants without the suspenders. On a positive note, very little fat is stored in the abdominal and waist region on the Trex body. At least there is a positive note! Muffin-tops, or extra weight around the stomach are not commonly found on the Trex body. However, our fat travels further south.

A nip and a tuck is not an option for me. (I have nothing against plastic surgery and believe if you can pay to physically alter a flaw within reason to feel better about yourself, then go for it!) but it is not financially possible for me. If money was of no object, I would absolutely seek the assistance of a reputable plastic surgeon to discuss the possibility of liposuction. So I have to rely completely on a sensible eating plan and exercise for this issue. I have read that aging, genetics and having estrogen that is out of balance can contribute to having saddlebags, but I will do my part to control this issue. As I would go mad lying on my side doing infinite leg raises, I have been doing the workout below which I found on the website  in addition to my cardio training and upper body work.

I know that I’m no spring chicken, but I have seen plenty of success stories where ladies in my age group at least reduced their thigh fat. Realistically I would be happy with a reduction after all my hard work. I love bags, but in the form of leather and suede, not on my thighs!

Does anyone have a good exercise they could recommend for saddlebags?





6 thoughts on “Saddlebags Don’t Lie

  1. Great workout! I will have to try it sometime. I do find that strength training helps with the saddlebags!! I love going to Bodypump and doing the squat/lunge exercises with the bar and added weight! It’s a killer 🙂

    1. I have noticed a very slight change in the “bags” since using weights. I will have to check out Bodypump, thanks. This workout is a tough one. I couldn’t sit for two days the day after I first tried it.

  2. Having once owned a pair of these lovelies, I have to say that it was all about the diet for me. I really wish I’d have figured that out sooner. I love the workout because you’ve got a few really good compound moves in there. Squats and deadlifts are IT in my book.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I know in my heart of hearts, I must clean up my diet and cut back even more on my weaknesses. Exercise alone won’t do it. Lol, “lovelies” like that.

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