Trex to Tigress Tidbits

Hello there. Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend. I am certainly enjoying the unseasonably mild temperatures the city of Toronto has been experiencing over the past few days.  All the joggers and power-walkers can be seen, taking advantage of not having to deal with biting winds or slipping on a patch of ice. It’s quite nice to be teased with a little taste of Spring. Torontonians love to shed heavy winter clothes the second they get a chance. I did away with the big winter coat for my walk to the gym by wearing a cotton hoodie. I saw a guy really seizing the day in shorts and a T-Shirt. A tad over zealous if you ask me.  It is January.

Did a few errands here and there as well as attending a wedding on Saturday for a lovely young couple. There was so much food, but I stuck to my tigress eating plan by watching my portions and having a tiny sliver of wedding cake. My wine consumption was more trex style unfortunately, as I should have passed on the last two glasses. Gulp. How do you say set back? The Merlot was so light and fruity though, and went well with the meal. Oh well, coulda, shoulda, woulda…

Before the wedding, I made time to grocery shop and load up on my fruit and vegetable stock for the week.


On Sunday, my intentions were good as I wanted to attend “Gentle Yoga.”  Did not make it out of bed on time yet again. Went to bed too late on Saturday night.

The class that was not meant to be.
The class that was not meant to be.

I did manage to make it to the gym later in the afternoon on Sunday and had a great session of upper and lower body weight training. Although I have noticed width and development in my back and shoulders, I was looking in mirror today at the gym and noticed that “the guns” are still like spaghetti or look more like water pistols. My triceps lack a lot of muscle tone as well, so I am working hard on these opposing muscle groups.  I try to do a variety of exercises such as triceps kick backs, dips, push ups, cable pull downs and skull crushers. For the biceps, curls with the EZ bar, hammer curls, basic bicep curls and pull-ups are my usual favorites. I remember as a child,  my mom would do arm circles every evening. She would do 50 front circles and 50 back circles and swore that this was the trick to tone up tricep flab. Maybe I should give it a try. I really hate waving goodbye or hello with my tricep flab. But I digress…

After the gym, I took at look at my palms and noticed that beneath my fingers, I am beginning to develop calloused skin and it ain’t pretty!  A few weeks back I misplaced my weight gloves. I am forever loosing my weight training gloves at the gym, usually in the change room area when I leave them on the bench or in the washroom. I’m lucky enough that some nice person always gives them to reception and I can locate them in the lost and found. This time nobody turned them in. Andy suggested that I tie them to my workout clothes with a string, you know, like those kids who clip or tie their mittens to their coats? Time to replace those gloves. Hands are looking rather unsightly.




Well, I’m off to enjoy a tuna and spinach salad. Signing off with Trex to Tigress tidbits.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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