The Yogi in Me- Part 2, The Fear Continues

Okay. This is just scary to me.
Okay. This is just scary to me.

With all good intentions, the ashiness exfoliated from my tender tooties and billowy cotton pants packed in my gym bag, I was ready to face my Yoga intimidation head on. I was all set to attend Desta’s “Gentle Yoga” class, and made sure to go to bed at a decent hour. Heck, I even left the last of a seasonal party early and refused the rum punch I was so full of determination to get my yogi on. To make a long story short, the intimidation lives on until next Sunday. I got an allergic reaction from something. What that something is I couldn’t tell ya. (must talk to allergist this year.) Anyhow, I found myself up at midnight covered in hives, my back, my neck, arms and face were all red and itchy, especially around my nose. At one o’clock in the morning I had to high tail it to the all night grocer’s pharmacy section for some much-needed Benadryl. Of course I chose the drowsy type because I wanted to get some shut-eye and just stop scratching already! By the time the Benadryl was working its magic in my system it was close to 3:00am, and I was drifting into blissful sleep. When the alarm went off bright and early, I promptly pressed snoozed (a couple of times), pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep. Even when I did get up with still time to make it to class, the drowsiness from the Benadryl was still in my system and I could barely stand, much less do a downward facing dog. Disappointed and defeated, alas Gentle Yoga was not to be today. I am still the sad puppy looking into studio A. The fear saga continues. Until then, “namaste.”


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