The Last Supper

According to the Mayan calendar, the world comes to an end on December 21st, 2012.  I saw on the news today that many people are hosting “end of the world” parties and living it up for what may be the last time. All the buzz about the Apocalypse reminds me of Y2K and all the talk that surrounded the end of 1999. I was hoping that computers would lose all data and my student loan would just disappear into oblivion. Unfortunately, that never did occur as we rang in 2000 without a peep and all resumed as normal, debts included.

This got me pondering…. what would my last meal be if I knew that tomorrow the world would end? Would I go for fast food, fine dining or cook a big spread? Probably not. Why would I cook my very last meal?  After much thought, I decided on a juicy, savoury hamburger with all the trimmings. This is something I haven’t had in a long while, so I would go out with my taste buds happy.  What would your last meal be?


What do you make of the Mayan calender predictions?
What do you make of the Mayan calendar predictions?



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