Please Don’t Grunt like Arnold or Lou

Since I have such impeccable manners, drink tea with my pinky finger in the air and went to London’s finest finishing school, I will post a little blurb about gym etiquette, if you please. I asked 6 random members at my gym what their biggest “gym pet peeve” is and this is what they said bothers them most when sharing their workout space with others.

  • Utilizing a bench, exercise equipment or mat and not wiping dry from sweat marks afterwards.  Our gym supplies spray and paper towel for this purpose throughout the gym. Unfortunately, not everyone uses them.
  • Hogging or over use of equipment. Members should allow others to complete a set while at they are rest. This is typically referred to as, “working in or between sets.”
  • Being too chatty with friends during a group class. Remember we are all there to benefit from the instructor. One of those benefits is actually being able to hear the instructor without loud chatter from other members.
  • While we are talking about being loud, apparently loud grunting offends this member. I at times am guilty of grunting like Lou or Arnold. Although this is no excuse, I am trying to bulk up my upper body, and will often grunt when finishing up those last few heavy reps. (I wonder if this was a direct hint to me?? I better watch my grunting.)
  • Another one that surprised me, walking around the change room showing “the girls” and other nether regions. This doesn’t annoy me particularly. We’re all ladies and we all have the same equipment, although I opt to change in the private change rooms.
  • Singing out (of tune) from your iPod or MP3 player. This is little bothersome. The lady on the elliptical trainer beside me sang out heartedly, don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeeeeeeling!”  It was painful, and I wish she would have stopped holding on to that last note. Yikes!

So there you have it folks. Six “don’ts” have been voiced from gym members I share my workout space with. Not to fret member number four, I will try to keep that grunting at bay, but those bench presses with the Olympic bar are not easy. By the way, if you believed my introduction to this post about my manners, my writing is better than I thought.

Does any one else have gym pet peeves to share? Would love to hear from ya.



Let's leave the grunts to these big fellas.
Let’s leave the grunts to these big fellas. (photos courtesy of Google.)



3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Grunt like Arnold or Lou

  1. To me grunting to finish those last couple real tough reps is fine. But the guys who bellow out loud grunts with each rep? That’s too much!

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