Milking This Cold

Does anyone feel that they are making beautiful strides in their workouts and then an annoying cold sets you back? It’s not that I am bed ridden, I’m not even feverish. It’s just that I am sneezing, sniffling and coughing all over the place and this condition does not make for good gym etiquette. So, I will unwillingly skip Zumba and weight training today and take it easy. I will also take a rain check with my friend for our biscotti, festive coffee and girl chat date, at the risk of sneezing in her latte. I feel okay energy wise, not too miserable but I will milk this cold so Andy can make his yummy chicken soup. He only makes this when I feel as though I am too sick to stand. Hee Hee! My cunning plan is working, for example…

Me (in living room): drinking lemon zinger tea and watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Sitting completely upright and laughing heartedly as Guy Fierri’s face gets redder and redder as he tastes some lady’s hot pepper sauce.

I hear rustling coming from bedroom. Andy is waking up. Uh-oh. Time to lay on the sick. I slump hopelessly on the couch and begin fake hacking profusely in a tissue. I put on my best “I feel crappy face.”

Enter Andy in living room. “You don’t look so good. You know what….”

(wait for it……..)

Hand is on his hip, that pensive look on his face.

(wait for it……)

“I gonna make you some chicken soup.”

Yessss! Score one for the fake sickly lady.

“Oh danks,” I sniffle pathetically, “I really could use some warm, comforting soup today.”

Adding to my cunning plan, I will not post this until after the soup is made and bubbling in his pot. I will also give mama a ring and fake sniffle over the phone(insert sinister laugh here.) I just love to hear her say, “oh Shelly rub some Vick’s on ya throat and chest and wrap yuself in a lotta blankets fi’ sweat out di’ cold.” I know it’s odd, but it takes me back to the comforts of childhood ( and I really need that right now.)

Does anyone have any remedies for an annoying little cold besides chicken soup and calling mom for odd remedies?

The players: Vapor rub and a box of tissue


From the pot


To  my bowl. Result!



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