In Mint Condition

At the risk of getting too detailed, at times I have tummy troubles. I hope this post isn’t TMI ( too much information) but there are the odd days were I have horrible gas pains. These pains are often gripping and crippling. What usually brings on such bouts of gas is from skipping meals (which doesn’t happen often trust me.) I remember this happened at my previous job one day. I was multitasking during lunch and did not eat. Boy did I pay for this later. On the 45 minute train ride home from the city, the gripping pain hit me suddenly. All I could to from whimpering was take deep breaths and squeeze my abdominal region. Once I got home, I chewed on some over the counter tablets meant for indigestion problems and the like. This did nothing. I called my mom and she told me to come over right away. Luckily, we live very close. Once at Mom’s, she went out to her garden and got busy clipping and plucking. Then I realized, this was going to be a home-made remedy. She brought about three little bundles of fresh mint from the yard and began to boil the whole bundles in water. She poured the broth ( stems and all) in a large mug, and instructed me to drink the whole thing. It was steaming hot, but by mid cup, the pain started to ease up. I was able to get up and walk as discomfort left my body.

Later that evening, I researched mint on I read that because of the menthol and thymol properties in this herb, it aids in the relief of gastrointestinal issues, indigestion, gas and bloating and even soothes diverticulitis (aka tummy troubles.) If I don’t have fresh mint on hand, seeping a mint tea also does the trick. About 6-8 ounces should do it. So if you ever are experiencing pangs of gas pain or night-time indigestion, before you reach for those chewable or dissolving tablets, try drinking a mint tea or better yet fresh mint broth instead. You’ll soon be in mint condition. Mother really does know best.



4 thoughts on “In Mint Condition

  1. Mint is a sturdy herb that will return every spring. Try planting a fresh mint patch of your own ,just beware that it will “creep” and take over perhaps where you do not want it to go.
    The solution to that is to plant it in a bucket or pot. I have a mint pot on my patio and it has been “returning” faithfully each spring for the past six years.
    There is nothing like a soothing cup of fresh mint tea.

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