Sweet, Sweet, T&T- Part 3

Wrapping up my Trinidad posts, I would just like to extend my congratulations to my husband, Andy for receiving an award for his contributions to steel pan music in Trinidad. This was actually the reason for our trip, accommodations at the Hyatt and airfare on Caribbean airlines were all the generous courtesy of Pertrotrin and Phase 2 Pan groove. Andy and 5 other gentlemen co-founded and nurtured what is said to be one of the most innovative and progressive steel bands when they fused the sounds of Jazz with the steel pan. I can just imagine these guys. They were mere youths at the time, up to mischief in their playground of Woodbrook, jumping in the sea, catching crab, chasing girls and experimenting with a little indulgences they probably shouldn’t have. However, between it all they managed to create a sound that caught the attention and the utmost of respect in steel pan community. Accolades were given all around and well deserved.

Andy and his award at dinner ceremony.
Selwyn Taradath, Barry Howard, Boogsie Sharpe, Noel “Stove” Seon and Andy Phillips smiling for media shots. (click to enlarge.)

4 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet, T&T- Part 3

  1. Amazing!!!! Oh how I LOVE being a Trinidadian!!! I can’t wait to take the bf so he can experience all that you have.

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