Sweet, Sweet T & T- Part 1- The Hyatt Regency

It’s cold and grey here in Toronto. I miss the island sun.

I arrived back in Toronto about a week ago from Trinidad, but I was unable to post anything on my blog, because my husband was still there and he had the camera with all my pictures. Just want to be sure to mention that the flight on Caribbean Airlines and accommodations were all paid for courtesy of Phase 2 Pan Groove and Petrotrin, of which I would like to express my gratitude for making this trip possible.

I will do this post in three parts, as there is much to cover. Part 1 will focus on the Hyatt Regency where we stayed in bustling downtown Port of Spain (not the Hilton as I initially thought.) The Hyatt is a luxury hotel with modern and pristine amenities such as a day spa and sushi and espresso bar. (boy how I enjoyed those cappuccinos at midnight.) The service at the restaurant was stellar, as staff were both attentive and held the utmost in professional standards. I was concerned about my workout, but this concern did not last long. The Hyatt boasts a state of the art gym with all the equipment you could possibly think of.  With treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, machines, bosu and medicine balls there was no excuse for me to stray from my regular fitness routine. (especially after a hearty breakie at the buffet.)

Speaking of the buffet, the spread was amazing. Local cuisine such as bake, salt fish and chutney was always offered as well as an omelet station, fresh fruit table, yogurt, granola and pastries. I did my best to focus on healthy choices and did a pretty good job of it considering all the temptation before me. In closing, I will let the pictures describe the rest of what the Hyatt had to offer. (Just click on thumbnails to enlarge.)

Tomorrow join me on a journey through Port of Spain and vicinity for part two of Sweet, Sweet T & T.

This is the life…
C’mon guys. I’m on vaycay!
My version of “Happy Feet.”
Entrance to gym

Andy checking out the fitness facilities


Something tells me that we’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.