Maybe I should just move to Brazil

I was reading a funny and heart-warming blog that I visit often called, “The Adventures of a Gringa in Brazil.” (
I just love reading travel and expat blogs, especially when the blogger lives/ visits a sun soaked locale near the beach. ( a la Brazil.) This blog is the story of a young lady from Toronto who moved to Brazil to live with her Brazilian husband and in-laws. She candidly shares her adventures as a Gringa, adjusting to life in a new country, getting used to cultural norms, and learning Portuguese. Usually this is done in a very comical manner. In one of her posts she talks about how the locals are always remarking on how “big” her legs are. At first the blogger is insulted, and she writes, why are these people drawing attention to my flaws? As more and more Brazilians comment on her, “big, nice legs,” she comes to the realization that the locals are complimenting her, as big legs are a desired and attractive feature in Brazil. She goes on in her post to write, also as a final note for my big-legged beauties, the bigger the ass but smaller the boobs is also a vote your way. To be bottom-heavy and top-light is the way to go here, girls. So if you feel/felt judged in America to the north, please come take a trip down to Brazil. I promise you that within 3 days of arriving, concerns about your fat ass and thighs will float right away, straight into a bikini and an ice-cold beer.

So if this tigress thing doesn’t work out, I just might have to pack my bags and move to a place were my shape is revered and admired. I will be a Trex reveling in sun, sand, sea and Samba. Does anyone else know of other countries where curves are admired over model thin shapes?

Livin’ la T-Rex Loca!

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