Giving Thanks

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Hence the reason the tigress eating plan was a little off track. I was not glutinous, but this Trex gobbled up one too many stegosaurus’ in the form of turkey, stuffing, cranberry and pumpkin pie. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the wine that was flowing. Hee Hee 🙂 Although I talk about transforming my body and becoming a tigress, I want to get across that I am thankful and grateful to God that I have health. I’m not immobile or sickly. Although my legs are chubby and arms skinny, at least I have two of each. There are countless people out there who have been the victims of land mines, war and natural disasters and have lost limbs and mobility. I think my hero is that lady from Kentucky I believe, who lost her legs while trying to save her children during a tornado that hit her home. I saw her on HLN news one morning and she was smiling and happy to be released from hospital and heading home to be with her family. What a heroic woman, a pillar of strength. A true tigress both inside and out.

When I feel down, I try to remember that I have food to eat, a job, a great spouse, family and friends. I never, ever let a day pass without thanking God for provisions and health, because life is fragile. You don’t know what is coming one day from the next, things can change in the blink of an eye. So whenever I am inclined to bitch or whine about insignificant rubbish, ( like I can’t find my car keys, or I can’t remember where I parked) I try to remember this and put things back in perspective. God is good. Happy Thanksgiving if you’re a Canadian. If you’re not, I had extra turkey (hope you like dark meat) and a libation for you. I leave you with photos from my holiday festivus.


Dad. All smiles after eating the turkey neck.
My first pity follower. Nephew Stephen.
Mom. This lady makes a mean bird!

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