The Running /Walking Club

I can truly attest to the benefits of group exercise. Sweating, huffing and puffing seems a lot easier when doing so with others. A little push or verbal motivation from a friend can make a huge difference in gaining fitness results through consistency.

At work, Mary, our fearless leader as I like to call her, has organized a running/walking  club for anyone who wants to participate. Thus far, about 6 people have joined on a “come when you can” schedule. I have participated in these after work runs for about one week now and I have enjoyed them immensely. As we work in a school, once the hustle and bustle of dismissal is over and the children have gone for the day, we change into our sweats and runners, meet in the main entrance of the school and head out in the crisp autumn air to hit the trail. What I love about this little running club is that you can go at your own pace and still complete the route, whether you’re running, trotting or power walking. The main thing is we are all getting fit and are motivating one another. Mary and Leslie who are training for a marathon in December usually set the pace. Congratulations are in order for Leslie, who has only recently begun running and has just completed a 3.7 km run. What cannot go unmentioned is the scenery. Running through Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, we pass through beautiful trails with Fall foliage right by the lake. (it sure does beat looking at a wall while on the treadmill.) At the last leg of our route we all meet and finish up together by walking back to the school to retrieve our belongings and to cool down.

These group runs are now something I look forward to after the work day. Exercise doesn’t feel like a chore, and will never feel mundane when you’ve got others to motivate you, inspire you and talk about the cheeseburgers and fries we’re missing out on. Thanks Ladies! See you on the trail tomorrow.

Whiteboard announcement. Despite what it says we don’t have cheesies after and the finish line is not the pub…only on Fridays. 😉
Mary and Leslie. Entering the Petticoat Creek Conservation Trail.
Me. See how happy I look?

Passing the lake
Debbie and Trish. Making their ascent on a hilly part of the route.
The hard part’s over. Cooling off and making our way back to the starting point.

4 thoughts on “The Running /Walking Club

  1. beautiful scenery! The past month or so, I’ve been running twice a week with a friend. She’s MUCH more advanced than I am, so she gives me great tips and is very patient with me. It’s a huge motivator!

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