Mid Point Tigress??

Can you believe that September is almost over? This month really flew by in a blur for me.

October 15th will be the date I measure my progress (or lack there of.) since my last measurements were taken in August.  If I’m “keeping it real,” my diet plan has not been too bad. I would say that I have been on track at least 75% of the time with greens, lean proteins and trying to limit starches. I’ve had a few sinfully decadent days, such as my brother’s birthday on Labour day and a few chocolate bars here and there (with a few glasses of Shiraz thrown in for good measure. Or should I say for bad measurements!) However, there have not been many eating infidelities. The thing is, I love healthy foods. I love vegetables, fruits, fibrous grains and cereals, so eating well comes easy for me most of the time. Having said all that, Thanksgiving is coming up next weekend and I will be indulging in my sister’s pumpkin pie cheese cake. As for exercise, I have been fairly consistent and make it to the gym to train with weights to build upper body mass along with cardio conditioning at least 4 days per week. I recently began jogging with a few women from work. This is a bonus for me, as I need a lot of motivation to keep on track. Group exercise is a huge incentive.

As the countdown continues to my mid measurement date, I will really have to monitor my eating and try to refuse that glass of Shiraz or that Kit Kat. Keep in mind, I am a pear shaped T-Rex and the aim is to slim down the thigh region and build muscle mass in my upper body, particularly the laterals and shoulders. Hopefully Tigress is not too far off in the horizon. Wish me luck!

Let the countdown commence

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