Falling For You

Yesterday was the first official day of Fall. At times I feel like the woman in the Tim Horton’s commercial. She is happily strolling down the street on a summer day when she comes across a golden leaf on the ground. She begins to scream in hysterics at the thought of summer’s end. Over the past few weeks I have noticed many golden leaves blowing across the sidewalk. The weather is getting crisp and a jacket may be required before leaving the house.  I can definitely feel a chill in the mornings on my way to work that I didn’t notice before. That distinct smell of autumn’s return is in the air. I can’t describe it, damp leaves, an earthy scent? It’s not that I don’t care for Fall, I truly love the time of Harvest. Not only is the foliage breathtaking, but it also means that Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en are just around the corner. I love handing out treats to the kiddies and having a turkey dinner. What concerns me about Fall is that Winter is just around the corner. The idea of scraping ice and snow off my windshield, my teeth chattering as I wait for the car to warm up and rushing into the house to escape the 20 below zero temperatures is less than thrilling. This is Canada after all.

So instead of going to the gym yesterday, I went for a hike at the Seaton Hiking Trail with my sister Francine, her hubby Rick and my little nephew Malakai. The day was cool, and the over cast sky looked a little threatening, but there were glorious breaks of sun and the rain did hold up until we finished the trail. So oppose to worrying about the season ahead, I chose to embrace Fall in all it’s glory and live in the here and now. Instead of screaming at the sight of those golden leaves dancing down the sidewalk, I peered out over a cliff side at the mass of leaves dotted by nature’s paintbrush with brown, red and golden edges. Instead of fretting as the temperatures drop, I looked below and heard the crackling stream rushing over rocks and pebbles and even saw some large fish through the crystal clear water. I saw four blue jays fly away when our shoes made a rustle under twigs and dry leaves. I saw Fall through the eyes of a toddler, as he pointed to all the sights and sounds in delight. I looked up to the sky, felt the warmth of the sun’s rays on my face and thanked God that I am able to experience this truly magnificent season.

Escarpment overlooking Seaton Trail.

Rick. Halfway up escarpment.
Francine. Making her ascent. You can do it, girl!
That’s me; taking it all in.
Rick, Fran and Malakai. Nice ride, little guy.
My ever so clever bro-in-law made arrows out of twigs on trail so we wouldn’t get lost.







4 thoughts on “Falling For You

  1. We will have to fit in more fall hikes before the feared Winter season sets in or, we could embrace winter too! Winter hike anyone? Great post, love the pics (even the ones with me in it :).

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