Rocky Balboa was on to Something

Do you remember the scene in Rocky where he is sporting his grey hoodie and runs up the steps of Philadelphia’s famous art museum? You can see the dedication in his eyes as he ascends the famous steps getting closer to the top. Finally when his ascent is complete, he jumps up and down, pumping his fists in the air in sheer victory. I kind of had one of those moments this week.

I just discovered a great new place to workout when I need a change from the gym and want to mix things up a bit. The city of Pickering ( where I live) recently finished constructing a bridge that connects Pickering residents in the area to the local GO Train station. Now the good thing about this bridge is that it has stairs connecting commuters to the bridge en route to the station. So bingo! I now use these stairs like Rocky Balboa for ascending sprints. I can currently run about five times up the stairs as fast as I’m able before I am completely winded. I take a thirty-second rest between sprints. I have already noticed a difference in my stamina, along with slimmer thighs and a tighter gluteus. ( a great T-Rex zapper!) I kid you not, it is quite a workout. I am sweating buckets after the final sprint. I even do the boxing jabs while I sprint.  No wonder Rocky defeated Apollo Creed. When I first started I could barely do two ascending sprints and looking up that stairwell seemed terribly daunting. I usually go after the 5 pm train commuter rush hour is over and there is little pedestrian traffic. I would definitely recommend this type of cardio workout for anyone looking to take their workout to the next level. Again, make sure you are heart healthy, injury free and have the green light from your doctor before attempting this or any new workout program. So if you are physically able and up for a challenge, find your nearest city stairs and embrace your inner Rocky Balboa. Now lemme hear ya, “Adriaaaaaaan!”

My city stairs. The ascent which connects commuters to the GO train bridge.

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