Bolt vs. T-Rex

Ever wanted to compare your centering skills on hockey great Syd the Kid or on basketball powerhouse Lebron James? How about the 100 metre butterfly against the unstoppable Michael Phelps? My dream is to sprint against none other than Usain Bolt. I have always wanted to try an experiment where the average Joe tests their athletic ability (or lack thereof) against incredibly gifted athletes, or as I like to call them “superhumans.”

Yesterday I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres show and she had an Olympic sprinter from team USA on the show. She called on audience members to sprint against the athlete to see how they compared. The first audience member did not do too badly. She was at about the half way point of the 100 meter dash when the sprinter had crossed the finish line. Although Ellen did note that the athlete was barely jogging.

So Usain I know you’re the world’s fastest man and are probably very busy, but if you’re ever in Toronto and have nothing better to do, look me up so I can make my dream of sprinting against the fastest human on the planet a reality. I know I will barely be out of the starting blocks when you have completed the 100 meter dash 50 times over, but hey, I’m up for the challenge. And do not jog Mr. Bolt and please no pity victories. I want a true comparison.

The professional athlete. Built for speed, incredible stamina


The T-Rex. Good stamina, large legs built for power.




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