Waiting to Exhale

I made it to the gym today. No biggie you say? Well it is a big deal that I actually made it there. You see, I find it difficult to physically get my backside to the gym after work. I wish I was a morning person like Mary (see last post) but I feel so lethargic when I wake up. I walk like Quasimodo to the bathroom and it’s hard enough to turn on the shower taps, never mind sprinting on a treadmill. Because of this, I personally find it more beneficial to fit in my workout after work. I can effortlessly convince myself to skip the gym.  It becomes the battle of wills with the little devil on one shoulder and the little angel on the other. The devil sending a message in one ear, “skip, skip, skip, while the angel in the other ear says, “go, go, go!”

I am the master creator of pathetic excuses and they are often the same ones over and over again. In David Letterman style here is my top 10 reasons to avoid the gym on any given day.

10. I feel too bloated to workout. I think my period must be coming.

9. My back hurts. I must have slept bad last night.

8. It’s too cold, hot, windy or rainy to go to the gym. I better head straight home before a bolt of lightning hits me. (sure and I’m gonna win the lottery too right?)

7. I must be coming down with something. My throat feels scratchy. I better not push myself.

6. I got no sleep last night. I’m simply too exhausted. 

5. I feel blah. I just want to go home and watch Just for Laugh Gags to cheer up.

4. Not tonight gym, I have a headache. (ok, so little devil’s got jokes.)

3. My neck hurts. I must have slept bad ( I know tres lame.)

2. Winners is having a sale on jeans. If I don’t go right now, they might be all gone.

And the number one reason for gym avoidance….

1.  I really should cook something nice for poor Andy and skip the workout.  He’s been cooking all week poor guy. ( the lamest excuse of all. Sorry A.)

However, after the little devil disappears in a poof of smoke and the angel wins the battle, I am so glad I made it to the gym. I feel energized and happy! It must be all those endorphins. The best part is when I am ending my workout with some stretching on the mat. As I lay on my back, and hug my knees into my chest, I close my eyes and take a deep inhale through my nose. It’s when I exhale through my mouth, releasing all that air and the day’s tension that the realization hits me. This exhale was so very worth it.


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