Tomorrow May Be too Late

I was planning to write a 100th post, referring to my accomplishments and how much I have enjoyed blogging, that was both witty and light-hearted. This plan quickly changed when I saw CNN and the coverage of the horrific bombings in Boston. My heart suddenly was not feeling so light anymore. This is a time to re blog one of my earlier posts, with a message that I think is necessary in this trying time of our troubled world today.

Don’t let tomorrow be too late. Love is stronger than hate.

This may be entirely away from my usual posts about health and wellness, but that’s okay. I think this an important post about our inner tigress and internal growth. Which I need some of as well.

I was watching a documentary on Sunday night about 9/11 as we approach the 11th anniversary of this tragic event in history. It was entitled Last Phone Calls.  The documentary went back to that morning when the planes crashed into the twin towers and those left waiting out their fate in the buildings made final phone calls to their loved ones before perishing in smoke and rubble as the buildings collapsed. There were fathers, sisters, mothers, brothers, sons, husbands, wives and daughters all telling family members, “I’m just calling to say I probably won’t make it out of here. I love you. Tell everyone I love them.”

 I could feel the tears welding up in my eyes, as I tried to imagine what the people on the receiving end of those phone calls were feeling, as well as those who made the call with their very last breath. How did it feel knowing this was the last time you would hear the voice of your loved one? It got me to thinking, life is short, our futures are uncertain everyday as we walk out that door to attend to our daily business.  Unfortunately we do not have a crystal ball that shows what is coming our way, be it good or bad.  That friend you are not talking to and it’s been so long that you can’t even recall what the argument is about.  Call them. Let them know you still care. Arguing with your spouse or partner? Don’t allow him/her to walk out that door without saying I’m sorry. That sister, cousin, mother, grandparent you lost touch with. Call them. Tell them it’s been too long and you can’t wait to see them. Whoever you may be estranged from for a reason that may seem a bit petty in the large scheme of things, reach out to them with love because tomorrow may be too late.

A little boy ran out in the crowd to embrace his father in a congratulatory hug at the finish line yesterday. Little did they know that this would be their last show of affection. In remembrance and prayers to all the lives lost and those who were injured in the Boston Marathon tragedy.

“A happy heart.”
By Darwin, age 5

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow May Be too Late

  1. I love reading all your blogs . They r so insightful and inspiring. I feel so lucky u came into my life via the classroom. I couldn’t have imagined working with a more beautiful and talented person as you are.

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