Proud Mary Keeps on Burning (more calories!)

Now for this month’s story of inspiration. Hope you enjoy.

There’s something about Mary. If you saw her, you would immediately say it was her twinkling green eyes, her radiant smile or her honey colored ringlets framing her lovely face.  But there’s something else.

Mary and I first met on the job. In the beginning of summer I saw her one evening at a BBQ hosted by our friend. That evening she expressed her desire to lose weight and felt she had gained quite a lot since her surgery and being off for sick leave last year. Now that she was feeling herself again, she wanted to make some serious lifestyle changes. Later Mary would disclose to me that is was at this very BBQ that she had a turning point. She had made that commitment to herself to become healthier and there was no turning back. I believe we all get to that moment of resolution where we know in our hearts that it is time for change, whatever the circumstance may be.

About a month and a half later, I saw Mary at another get together. It had been a while since I had seen her, as we work in the school system and we were off for summer vacation. I told myself, hmmmm… there’s something about Mary. As she walked closer to the gazebo where we sat on a balmy summer’s eve, it became obvious. She must have stuck to her resolve, because she had lost weight. Her waistline was trim, her physique looked slender on a whole. So how exactly did she meet her goal? While myself and the other ladies sipped on a few cocktails, Mary sipped on water. While I enjoyed the decadent, cheesy dip that is about 1000 calories per scoop, Mary nibbled on fruit. She is also very diligent about reading food labels to check for quantities of sodium, sugar and fat. Since alcohol carries a lot of calories, she decided to cut back on her consumption. Not to go unmentioned, she started walking for one hour at a brisk pace every morning  at the crack of dawn. To keep herself motivated and on track, Mary uses the buddy system and walks with a friend.

There is indeed something about Mary. It’s her will-power and dedication that I knew was always there as I got to know her. She just applied these characteristics to make positive changes to benefit her health. Mary is a hard-working wife and mom with a busy life just like many of you out there. There can be something about (insert your name here) too!

Mary before. And….wait for it…..
Mary after. Thanks for inspiring me! Your hard work has really paid off.





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