Some Fit Women

I really enjoy attending my gym Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada. As implicated in the name it is an all female facility. There is just a special kind of bonding at an all women’s gym. In the lounge, locker room or workout area we might engage in a little celebrity gossip, our favorite healthy recipes or our favorite methods to reduce our cellulite. I doubt the same topic of conversations would arise with a dude around.

Aside from the sisterhood, the facility itself is great.  The staff is informative, knowledgeable about exercises, safe techniques and make themselves available should you have a question or concern. There are a wide array of circuit machines, free weights and cardio machines. Because the workout area is so well stocked there is never any waiting which can delay your workout. The selection of classes aids in preventing monotony or workout boredom. If yoga, hot yoga, zumba, dance, tabata, spinning, kickboxing and strength building classes are your thing, Women’s Fitness has got you covered. The class instructors are upbeat, positive and always motivating. You can tell that they are passionate about fitness and health. I recently started taking zumba and found the class so much fun that I immediately became a self-professed zumba addict. Sure the steps were hard and I felt awkward initially, but I am proud to say that I am cha-cha-chaing with the best of them and no longer hide in the back of the class in utter confusion as I try to figure out what the heck a right mambo step is. Another major plus about the facility is that it is always clean and well maintained.

The gym has many incentives to keep you motivated. One of which I like is the star card program. This is a little card that you get stamped or initialed by staff each time you visit the gym. The more star cards you accumulate per month, you receive a free gift such as t-shirts, gym bags, water bottles and even free personal training. Small group classes, nutrition workshops and personal training do come with a fee. I find personal training to be perfect whether you are a novice or seasoned fitness buff. A trainer can show you different ways to work your muscles once you have reached a plateau in your routine. Women’s Fitness is also a place that cares about the health and well-being of women. They make it a point to fundraise for breast cancer research and heart disease which is the number one killer of women in North America and will strike 1 out of three.  The “wear pink and spin” fundraiser was not only fun, but a huge success in raising money for breast cancer research.

So why not make new friends, perhaps support a good cause and get fit and fabulous all at the same time? Visit your local Women’s Fitness Club today.

Women’s Fitness Club. My Home away from home.
(photo courtesy of google.)

2 thoughts on “Some Fit Women

    1. Yes, I remember those body building types in Cancun. They were very intense. I guess they want to look good for the beach. And they never worked their legs, only arms and chest.

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