My Cheatin’ Weekend

Hello followers. Yes, that’s right, followers as in plural. Stephen, Francine, Trish AND my hubby Andy now follow me. (although I did nag Andy into submission until he couldn’t take it anymore and clicked the “follow” link.) Happy Labour Day weekend!

This post will be something of a confessional, as I owe it to Stephen, Trish, Francine and Andy. I cheated on my clean eating plan, and indulged in not so tigress like food. My menu infidelities started on Thursday, and continued throughout the weekend. I will break it down in days.


Went to a lovely work function and feasted on yummy burgers from the grill with all the trimmings, 1 white wine spritzer and a delicious lemon cupcake with sugary icing.


Went out with Andy to celebrate Trinidadian independence day. Had two glasses of Shiraz. Oh, and a yummy chocolate bar imported from Trinidad in keeping with the festivities.


Celebrated my brother Philip’s  __ th birthday (if I told you the digits, he would have to kill me. Let’s just say he was a fan of the original Star Trek.) At his party I ate a delectable spread. I had 1 cheeseburger off the grill, 3 glasses of Skinny Grape white wine, two types of cake. A sliver of tiramisu and vanilla. On the up side, I did have a salad with my burger.


On Sunday, it should have been Sinday, because I was very, very bad. I went to my friends Trish and Brenda’s. There I had three ( yeah that sounds good, sure three) rum and cokes. Brenda made a delicious, healthy dinner of salad, pork chops , green beans and rice and red beans. The pork was very lean and flavourful. So my eating was still on track.

Monday I was back full force to the tigress eating plan.  I leave you with a few photos from Philip’s birthday BBQ. Hope you had a wonderful Labour day weekend.

Some pre BBQ appetizers

At least the grapes were skinny
That was a good burger. Notice my abundance of greens.
It got a little chilly in the evening. So Philip lit up the fire pit.
Two types of cake. My quota of sugar for the year. LOL.
It’s the birthday boy. Happy __th, bro!