Stories of Hope and Inspiration

Every now and then I would like to post blogs of hope, love and inspiration. It is my own hope that these true stories will motivate and inspire us all to live our best lives. I got this idea from the divine Ms. Winfrey. I think one of the reasons her talk show was so successful is because she allowed us to connect with real people going through real struggles. Today please allow me to introduce you to Jalicia.

I was not able to get the treadmill I usually use for my Sunday run, as someone else was using it. I prefer to use the treadmills in between and not the ones on the outside aisles. I went to the last treadmill on the very right side of the gym and began my workout with a moderate pace to warm up. Beside me I noticed a woman due to her laboured breathing. She was walking at a very slow pace. She used a starch white face clothe to wipe away the little beads of sweat that were trickling down her temple. This woman was possibly in her mid to late forties and was over weight. I guessed well over 200 pounds. She gave me a little smile, as I quickly looked away, embarrassed to be caught staring. Before increasing my speed, I turned to her and said, “it’s so hard to start, but once I get going I feel so much better.” She nodded in agreement, puffing out a loud sigh. “Yeah,” she replied. “that is so true, and I had to fight with myself to get here this morning. I doubt if I can make it to my usual fifteen minutes.”

She said her name was Jalicia and she had always struggled with her weight. She was bullied in school and has heard every fat joke in the book. “That’s just ignorance,” I said, detecting the pain of memories past in her deep brown eyes. She told me her daughter in Windsor is having a baby. Her doctor said if she carries on like this, “I won’t be around to see my grand baby grow up.” Jalicia and I talk for a while, I, disclosing my poor body image issues to a complete stranger but it feels like I’m talking to an old friend. I say to Jalicia we are all here for the same reason, no matter what our weight is or shape of our bodies. We all want to achieve and maintain health. Jalicia not only to be around to welcome her first grandchild in the world, but also for herself. Before I know it, 35 minutes have passed. “Thanks,” said Jalicia.
“What for?” I asked
“For listening,” she smiled, “and I didn’t even notice ’cause we were talking, I walked twenty minutes past my usual time.”
“It really is mind over matter then,” I chuckled.

That morning the speed on my treadmill stayed at a moderate pace, and I never did jog or sprint, but it was okay. I was happy to motivate someone, and possibly help them on their road to wellness. That was a better feeling than any of the sprint drills I had ever completed.


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