Roxanne, Me and the Pain in the Butt.

My friend Roxanne took me up on my offer to come to the gym with me on a guest pass yesterday.  She is on her own quest to become fitter and change her eating habits.

On the way to the gym,  we chatted about our fitness goals.  Roxanne said she went on the treadmill at home yesterday, and the lactic acid building up in her system just made her angry!  I thought my jiggly thighs on the treadmill make me angry, but I digress. After we checked in at the lobby area, we descended to the locker area to get into our workout gear. I suggested to Roxanne that we try a class I noticed on the schedule called “rock hard abs and buns.” This class was an hour, and I knew that Nella, the instructor was hardcore, so we had our work cut out for us. But I kept this fact to myself. (hee hee)

We got our mats, steps and a set of weights. As Nella told us to expect to feel a build up of lactic acid, I told Roxanne not to fly into a rage. The class was a combination of strength training and calisthenics, including, lunges, squats, shoulder press with lunges and squats, planks, crunches and bicycles on the mat. I was working up a sweat, collapsing from exhaustion before I could complete my last 10 seconds of the plank. Roxanne was sweating too, and as we were instructed to move into a side plank, she said between grunts, “I could kill you.” (if the class didn’t kill me first.) It was a head to toe workout and it really shocked my muscles. By the time we started our full body stretches at the end of class, I was feeling so proud of myself. I completed the class in its entirety although is was tough. I could tell Roxanne was proud of herself too because she got off her mat and exclaimed, “that was great!”

We must be terribly wicked because there was no rest for us in this class. As Roxanne and I hobbled up the steps to the exit, we once again commented on how much we loved the class. The next morning, I got an email from Roxanne saying that she couldn’t feel her legs. As for me? Sitting was painful( ouch my butt) , and I couldn’t laugh too heartedly  today (ouch the abs.) But it was a good pain. A pain of hard work and determination.  Now off to a soak in an Epsom salt infused bath. That is if I can get up….ouch!

Want these!
At least closer to it.

5 thoughts on “Roxanne, Me and the Pain in the Butt.

  1. You KNEW Nelia was going to kill us and you never said a word!? Pure evil Michelle. But in the end it was well worth it! (although I still have trouble sitting!)

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