Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling.

Music has got the power to motivate you, move you, and down right just get you pumped. Think of all those movie scores, love songs or sad songs on the radio that bring you to tears or take you back to a special time in your life. Music conjures up so many emotions.

Motivational music or music to get my energy escalated is essential for my workouts. For example, Cynthia, the spin instructor at my gym played such great music in her class. From old school, top 40 hits, disco, funk, to reggae, salsa and soca, she gets you going. I could see Cynthia getting motivated by her music, thus motivating us too. Girlfriend can whine her waist, even on a spin bike! I often saw Cynthia stretching and going through her musical repertoire in the locker room on her iPod before class. It was intense, she was studying, so I didn’t want to interrupt her. After class, I wanted to let Cynthia know how much I enjoyed her class and musical selection. I told her she’s almost like a DJ, she can truly spin in more ways than one. The spin studio turns into a club under her magic (except we are all dancing on bikes and the choice drink is water.) Sadly, Cynthia has given up her duties as evening spin instructor to spend more time with her family (darn kids.) She now instructs the am class, and I can’t attend.

Here is my playlist:

1. Shakira- “Waka Waka”…it is indeed time for Africa
2. Enrrrrigue Iglesias (all the r’s is just my tongue rolling.) “Baby I like it”…..indeed I do.
3. Flo Rida-” I Get a Good Feeling”… I was at my friend’s house the other day and her son was watching the video. I could see Mr. Rida’ getting hyper from his own song. Shadow boxing shirtless, all sweaty and running with droves of people. I could tell he felt like an athlete, and was pumped.
4. Rihanna- “we found love….too bad it was a hopeless place.
5. Bachanalist- Kevin Dubois….  I didnt like this song at first but now I do. It reminds me of summer and I married a Trini so it’s only right.
6.Jackson 5- I want u back…a true classic
7. Beautiful- Snoop Dog and Farelle….hey, whatever happened to Farelle?
8. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom- Selena….really miss her voice and talent.

Music gets you moving, and moving creates happy endorphins, so get out there and get a good feeling!

What’s on your playlist?


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