Going Green

I have always heard of the benefits of drinking green tea, but never acquired the taste for it. From research as well as holistic practitioners, I understand that it is internally cleansing, keeps skin clear and glowing, increases energy, and keeps the pipes nice and clean.

I have never drank green tea long enough to truly benefit from all of the above, so I wanted to ask someone who is a regular green tea drinker what kind of positive health impact it has made on their life. I turned to my niece, Alex, who is constantly singing the praises of green tea, and manages to drink 3-5 cups each and everyday. Alex has cut out coffee and pop, and she says she has noticed a change in her over all health for the better. Some of the things she listed as noticeable are, consistent bowel movements, no more feeling of lethargy, less illnesses from school and daycare that are sometimes transmitted from her two kids. The best reward she says is more energy for her two kids. Whereas coffee was just a quick fix to get going in the morning, the high would eventually diminish. With green tea, she is ready to face a full day and feels rejuvenated throughout. Between picking up the kids from school or dance classes, attending night class and working on her business, green tea gives her the stuff to keep going. She has also noticed that green tea helps to keep her at a healthy, trim weight.

Maybe it’s time to go green myself, and reap the rewards of green tea.

Green with envy. Alex and her box of China’s Finest.

8 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Cellulite is also something I struggle with along with lots of ladies i’v tried creams ,massaging techniques and of course exercise! I still suffer from these silly genetics but I can honestly say green tea actually helps reduce it… There’s nothin to loose except a tea bag lol give it a try I highly recommend it!

  2. I looove coffee too. I have never like the taste of green tea however if I can look like Alex after committing to it- it’s worth a try! 😀

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