She’s Got Cankles!

Shallow Hal has got to be one of my favorite movies. Not only is it funny, but the message is profound. Yes, a Jack Black movie can be profound. The message is essentially don’t judge a book by its cover. In one scene the protagonist Hal and his buddy Mauricio are at the gym working out.  After a life altering experience with self-help guru Tony Robbins, the once Shallow Hal sees obese girlfriend Rosemary Shanahan as a bodacious babe AND a great gal on the inside.  He thinks she is the complete package (and not Gwyneth Paltrow in the fat suit.) Mauricio, who is still very shallow,  does not see Rosemary for who she truly is,  volunteer, humanitarian and compassionate soul. Mauricio can only see her as the fat girl and cannot fathom what Hal sees in her. I crack up over my popcorn every time when Mauricio exclaims in disgust, “She’s got cankles for Pete’s sake! The calve and ankle merge. There’s no in between.”

Tree trunks, cankles, lamp posts, call them what you will. They are often a characteristic associated with trexitis. On the plus side, there are good things about cankles of which I’ll share with you:

1. Cankles are not often prone to injury on the treadmill, such as shin splits because they are strong and sturdy.
2. Cankles will not let you down when you miss the 5:00pm eastbound bus and have to walk home…in the rain
( trust me I know this.)
3. While not esthetically pleasing to some, cankles are reliable, dependable and are easy to shave (no bumpy muscles or length.)

Here are the minuses of cankles:

1. I have not worn shorts in Canada since 1990. ( overseas I don’t care.)
2. On an evening constitutional, a dog may mistake your cankles for a tree trunk and that’s never fun:(

So if you see a person with cankles or who is struggling with weight issues, never be a Mauricio and place judgement. What you learn on the inside may surprise you. Thanks Rosemary Shanahan!

Rosemary’s sturdy set of cankles, as seen in movie Shallow Hal.

Don’t fret Rosie. You get the guy in the end.
Uh-oh! Down boy, down!