The Devil Wears Elastic Waist Pants

I really enjoy watching the Dr. Oz show. Not only does he inform you about what shade of brown your stool should be, he’s not afraid to Zumba in his hospital scrubs. The content of his program is all about helping people on their path to over all health and wellness. A couple weeks ago, I saw an episode about how to dress to compliment your body type. While I am on the road to becoming a tigress, I intend to use some of Dr. Oz’s fashion tips to balance out my pear shape until I no longer need these tips.

Wardrobe tips courtesy of the Dr. Oz show:

1. Avoid high waisted, elastic waist pants.

2. Wear horizontal stripes on top to make for a wider appearance in shoulder region.

3. Avoid tops that are too short. Do the arm length test. Your top should be the length of where your fingertips end.  A tunic is the perfect example of a top to conceal wider hips.

Does anyone else have tips to compliment a specific body type or tips to conceal a pear shape?


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