Dip anyone?

Hello all ( or the one person that follows me. Hi and thanks Stephen.)  Let’s get physical. It’s time to blog about my exercise routine. Just what am I doing to concur this case of trexitis? Along with the healthy diet (but not completely cutting out Shiraz keeping in mind) I have to do certain exercises to balance out my shape. Weight training is impeartive. (ha, ha. Somebody stop me. Can’t help it.) But seriously, this is what I am currently doing:

Days 1&3:  Heavy sets, 5-8 reps, 2 sets, working back, shoulders and chest. Using a variety of exercises to keep the muscles from becoming used to the same old routine and really shocking them.

Days 2&4:  Same as above, but working triceps, biceps and abs/ core. I also do light sets with high reps of leg extensions and leg curls.

The lovely Kerri who consults at my gym advised me to do cardio 6 days per week.  So I also fit in Tabata (where we do jump lunges and squats with no weights), spinning class, and brisk walking or jogging with hubby at our neighborhood track.  Kerri also said I should do weights before cardio. I don’t recall why, but she’s the expert so I’m gonna listen.  I also installed some great cardio apps on my tablet.  The  instructor on the latest app is Australian and I love the way he says, “five mo staw jecks.” (five more star jacks.)

And lastly, the dip and chin up machine. It’s a  t-rex’s worse enemy, but is a must on the path to tigress.  I really work my back, chest, biceps and triceps on this baby.  On this machine you can do assisted dips and chin ups by moving a pin to deduct weight. As of now I am deducting 43 lbs from my body weight. So I am not doing full dips and chin ups….yet. Soon I’ll be saying, “I’ll be back.” ( that’s my Arnold  impression in case you’re wondering.)

So there you have it. My regime in a nutshell. Here’s my shpeel on safety. I do not advise starting any exercise routine without consulting your doctor or certified fitness trainer first. The first question Kerri asked me was if I have had any past injuries or surgery because she had to design a plan that was safe as well as effective. Once you get the green light, find something you love to do and do it consistently. The science is simple (even for me), move your body and good things will happen. I’ll be back!

Help me! T-rex’s are not designed for Arnold presses.

What a plank.

The chin dip machine at the gym.