My Menu

Thank God I married a man who can cook. (which is more than I can say for myself.) I am beyond the bowling an egg stage but he is constantly sautéing,  steaming or grilling something and it’s usually healthy. This really helps me to stay on track and nourish my body with good food. From my sister’s and mom’s garden we get to feast on local and organic celery, potatoes, swiss chard, tomatoes and zucchini. We love fish and salmon, snapper and tilapia are usually on the menu.

Here is a sample of my menu and what I try to include in my diet daily in photos:

A good breakfast to begin the day:

All bran cereal with skim milk, topped with fresh blueberries.

A healthy protein packed lunch: (Of which I ate before taking photo.) It consisted of spinach salad, with boiled egg whites, cucumbers and topped with tuna. My own dressing of olive oil and lemon was drizzled on top.


Could be any one of the following, along with a small handful of almonds.


Salmon cake on a bed of organic veggies from Mom’s garden. Yummy!

Garden fresh goodness:

And this is where the magic happens. Andy hard at work in the kitchen:

He’s removing skin from chicken thighs after cleaning. He will then season with fresh herbs and a little sea salt and pepper.
And last but not least wash down with…No, No, what am blogging?! This is what I am cutting back on. And as you can see from the photo this will prove to be a challenge.  Wash down with fresh, filtered H2O.

So that is what I try to include in my meal plan each day. I try to keep it colourful and vibrant so food choices are not monotonous. Bon appetite!


4 thoughts on “My Menu

  1. I love your diet plan T-Rex! Although I didn’t think ‘delicious’ and ‘satisfying’ were words I could associate with it- I’ve been on it for 4 days so far and it’s really been yummy. Not boring! love it! Any idea how to make substitute chocolate cake in there?!!

  2. And another thing- Dairy Oh! Milk is $5.90!!! Please try to gear your advice to poor people as well. I bought the Neilson skim milk. Please remember poor people.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Rox. Glad to hear you find the food delicious. I will post some low fat recipes soon. I didn’t realize that about Dairy Oh! I will switch to Neilson too, as I am in that poor people category.

  4. Oh yes, have that chocolate cake once in a while. My personal philosophy is to enjoy life in moderation. MODERATION. Don’t gobble down a piece the size of your head but have a sliver. Let them eat cake! Gotta love that Marie Antoinette.

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