Weights and Measures

So today was one of my productive gym days.

On the odd day, I go to the gym feeling a little low energy, lack luster and simply not in the mood. These are the days a personal trainer (which I can’t afford) would be a God send. These are the days when I want to go home and watch Golden Girl re-runs or I spend a little too much time admiring the nice Lululemon gear people are sporting (which I can’t afford.) Or I may sit in the gym lounge too long, flipping through Chatelaine or watching Cable Pulse24 while leisurely sipping from my water bottle. But I am pleased to report that this was not one of those days. I really pushed my chest, shoulders and back to my limit of strength with heavy sets. After weight training I worked up a good sweat with the new Cardio plus app I just installed. I jogged high knees, did star-jacks and mountain-climbed till there was nothing left in me. I left the gym feeling great and on the road to tigress! Roar!

Now down to the nitty-gritty. The dreaded measurements. Here they are in black and white. I will do this T-Rex style and also measure the broadness of my upper back and shoulders as these measurements are impearative ( Sorry, I couldn’t resist) when tackling a pear shape.

Shoulder width: 15 inches
Upper Back width: 13 inches
Bust: 30 inches (wrapped around)
Waist: 28 inches (wrapped around)
Hips (gulp): 41 inches

I’ll measure again in two months to track progress. Now off to a healthy snack of a bowl of steamed Swiss chard. I leave you with a few before pics.

Until next time….this T-Rex is bushed.

Do these claws look good with these saddlebags?

6 thoughts on “Weights and Measures

  1. She is TRex (for now) hear her roar! Wow! What a regiment! Made me tired just reading about it but very admirable. The transformation will happen quickly, I’m sure.

  2. love the blog!!! u found another follower…love how you stay true to you with your humour…..once i saw the impearitive i knew for sure this was you….in true “shell” style!!

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