Hello world!

Welcome to my first post. I am new to the blogging community and aspiring to help myself and others embrace healthy lifestyle choices, but with a twist. I aim to transfer my pear shaped figure to a more balanced body. By blogging about it perhaps I can achieve this goal a little easier with support, feedback and any helpful tips to go from trex to tigress! I call my current shape a trex due to the dinosaur’s small upper body and large legs. I have tried many diet fads, no carbs, no fruits, diet shakes and Atkins, however these fads usually resulted in becoming a Fatkins. Now my philosophy is a little more simplified. Enjoy everything in moderation, and eat clean and lean most of the time. Enjoy life, be good to yourself and others and the rest will follow. This is the approach that seems to work for me.

Hope you enjoy my posts. I’m excited to share them with you.


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