Need a Quickie?

Get your minds out of the gutter. When I say quickie, I am implying a fast, effective workout when you are crunched for time. Let’s face it. Who isn’t crunched for time in one way or the other? This week has been very busy for me. After the work day, I have been rushing to my … More Need a Quickie?

So Long Summer

At the risk of sounding cliche, I will go ahead and exclaim, “I can’t believe summer is over next week!” I started my second week of work today and much to my surprise I transitioned into early mornings very well. Sometimes I surprise myself and wake up before my alarm. Even more shocking, I was … More So Long Summer

Never Too Late

Originally posted on Life In The Gym:
I follow a lot of other blogs and Lifting My Spirits is one of my favorites.  The author has a wonderful story.  She’s living proof that it’s never too late to change your physique for the better.  She absolutely explodes the myth that once you’re past 40 or…

Please be Safe

Yesterday I went to work with Andy. It was a gorgeous day and I had no pressing plans and just wanted to get out the apartment. I mentioned on my blog before that Andy is a musician. Specifically he plays the steel pan, and summer is the busy season for him. Many times I will … More Please be Safe