A Change in Direction

Hello beautiful strangers! I have to call you strangers because it has been too long since my last post. My previous post was titled “Let’s play Catch up.”  Well, I think I should also name this post “Let’s Play Catch Up” because once again, it’s very appropriate due to my absence on here. I continue … More A Change in Direction


Happy summer! I am into week two of my summer break and having a grand old time so far. This week I went on a little getaway to Picton, Ontario in Prince Edward County. A quaint little place with small town charm. The street is lined with family run cafes, “Al” type diners, ice-cream parlours, … More Vacation/Staycation

Canada 150 Playlist

In honour of celebrations nationwide for Canada’s 150 birthday on July 1st, I have compiled playlist of an all Canadian line up for your workout. One hundred and fifty! My baby’s getting old. Hey, I even added Drake and I’m not a fan of his music. Could be generational thing, but then again I don’t … More Canada 150 Playlist

Take Baby Steps

I am sure there are people who want to become more active to enhance their health. Perhaps their doctor told them they need to achieve a healthy weight, eat right, quit smoking or start exercising. What if this person is no spring chicken and has never incorporated exercise into their daily living? What if this … More Take Baby Steps