Let’s Give the People What they Want

Whenever I check my blog stats it is certain that my sole fish cake recipe will get a hit. Even if just one lone person visited From Trex to Tigress on any given day, they will look at that post. It is also my most common search.  People like the recipe and are using it I imagine. So, let’s give the people what they want. Let them eat fish cakes!  Imagine that. My most popular post is a recipe. I guess stranger things have happened.

Here is another fish cake recipe to start off your week of healthy meal planning. My salmon fish cakes. You can also call them salmon burgers.

Let’s get in the kitchen and get to it.

Salmon Cakes/Patties:

You will need:

-sea salt


-two garlic cloves

-2 sprigs of green onion

-a teaspoon of fresh thyme

-Juice from 1/2 lemon

-Onion powder

-Panko breadcrumbs

-one egg

-oh, and of course about one and a half pound of fresh, wild, skinless salmon.

1. First, assemble your initial ingredients and the salmon on a cutting board. Season your cut of salmon with the juice of half the lemon,  sea salt and pepper to taste, and about one generous teaspoon of onion powder.

2015-05-24 12.01.292. Once the salmon has been dressed by rubbing in ingredients well, use a fork to shred apart the cut of salmon. Shred that baby into pieces and add a few more squirts of lemon juice while you’re at it.

2015-05-24 12.06.483. Transfer your shredded salmon into a mixing bowl.

2015-05-24 12.07.544. Take a clean cutting board. Finely chop two washed sprigs of spring onion, and two cloves of garlic. A little fresh thyme is also a nice addition right now, but unfortunately I have run out. (note to grocery list.)

2015-05-24 12.12.395. Add the chopped garlic, spring onion, (and my absent thyme) to the bowl of shredded salmon.

2015-05-24 12.13.086. Mix in well with a fork.

2015-05-24 12.14.157. Now, add about 1/2 cup of Japanese Panko breadcrumbs and one egg to the bowl.

2015-05-24 12.15.468. Time to get messy. With your hands mix everything in, add more Panko crumbs if needed. The consistency of the salmon should be able to form patties.

2015-05-24 12.17.089. Form pretty little patties and put on a plate. Make them small if you want patties of the slider sort (hello Captain obvious!)

2015-05-24 12.22.2110. Cover your beauties with foil and place them in the fridge to marinate for about an hour or more.

2015-05-24 12.23.2111. Once ready to cook, take your salmon patties from the fridge. Coat a skillet with your cooking oil of choice on medium to high heat. I use coconut oil now and I love it. Once the skillet is nice and hot, go ahead and transfer your patties from the plate and into the skillet. Cook them for about one minute per side until they are nicely browned on each side. Once browned, put your patties on a foiled lined baking sheet.

2015-05-24 17.54.2412. Time to pre-heat the oven to 350 F. Once the oven is ready, bake the fish cakes for about 25 minutes.

2015-05-24 17.58.4513. Once the salmon is finished baking, place on bun (optional) with dressings of choice and enjoy.


Some Folks Just Got it!

This month’s story of inspiration comes from my friend Trish. Trish is celebrating her birthday today so it couldn’t be a better time to inspire. I met Trish ten years ago on the job. With her mischievous smile, a twinkle in her baby blues and her ability to make me laugh until my stomach hurt, I knew we would become amigas. Like me, she loves all things beachy and tropical. We would often daydream about being in the Caribbean on a bitterly cold winter day. I also noticed that Trish looked like she was in very good shape and perhaps was a dancer, always walking with perfect posture, shoulders down and back. I was surprised when she told me that she was not in shape and never exercised. (Unless you counted dancing all night long.) That’s when I really was made aware that some folks are just born with it.

Our friend Beata from left, me centre, and Trish on the right. Laughing as usual.

Genetics are unique. Genes are what make us who we are. Some people have slimmer hips, wider hips, bigger backsides, cellulite, flatter backsides, ample bosoms, or less than ample bosoms, have inherited grandpa Joe’s hairy back, or mom’s high cheekbones or whatever the case may be. For some it is hard to put on muscle and requires a lot more work in the kitchen and the gym, while for others their bodies respond quickly to strength training. This is a fact. Say for example you start working out with your friend (let’s call this friend Arnold.) Arnold and you are eating the same things, and doing the same weight training routine. You notice that Arnold’s arms are starting to bulk up, but yours are not. Trish just happens to be one of those lucky people. She’s like the female Arnold! She recently joined the gym where I workout and is aiming to get into shape. I showed her a few moves on the TRX suspension ropes at the gym a couple of months ago. Last week I saw Trish for a little gal time at her house, and she has made amazing gains in her physique. Girlfriend looks incredible! I asked her what she has been doing in the gym, and she said just some cardio on the machines as well as body weight exercises on the TRX suspension bands that I demonstrated for her before. All this progress from TRX a few times a week.  The development in her lats took just a couple of months. Because she has a natural predisposition to add muscle to her frame, I am encouraging her to do more free weights in the gym. Her potential is already there and who knows where she will go if she embraced the lifestyle one hundred percent through diet and training. (I can be her agent of course.)

  Back development after a couple months on the TRX suspension ropes.

Trish on the right wearing the perfect halter to showcase the lats. Back development after a couple of months on the TRX suspension ropes.

Trish flexes on vacation.

Trish flexes on vacation with her sister on left and her daughter with hands in the air.

Abs on display.

So my friends, the genetically blessed do not make me feel bitter (fine, maybe just a little.) They inspire me to be better, to work harder and give me the drive  and ambition to keep going. Hence the reason Trish is my inspirational story this month.  We will start training together in the summer, and I am certain once she starts pumping iron with me, she will take her already blessed frame to the next level. Gotta love those Arnolds.

The Turning Tables

As a child, you made sure I was fed, clothed and safe. You sacrificed and did without so that we could have enough. You were up to catch the 4:30am bus, to go to a job with long hours and hard labour to provide for us. You told me to be careful when I ran down the street, put a band-aid on my knee and cradled me in your arms when I didn’t listen and wiped out from a bad fall. You held my hand as we crossed the street. You held my hand as a newly walking baby to ensure I didn’t fall. You gave me medicine when I was burning with fever and with gentle hands, rubbed me down with Vicks Vapor Rub when I had a retched cough. These are the things I remember to this day.

As I grew, you may have annoyed a moody teen, when you told me to clean my room, or get off the telephone, I may have even rolled my eyes in frustration. You worried on the odd occasion when I said I wouldn’t be home too late, but at times I was. You talked about passages in the Bible a lot, and it may have seemed as though I preferred listening to Cyndi Lauper, know that I was listening to your words of wisdom.

As we age, it is inevitable that our parents will grow old. The tables are turning. I now want to hold your hand when we cross the street and watch out for careless drivers. I may annoy you now, when I call everyday to ensure you ate well, and took your medicine. I want to care for you, protect you and make sure you’re safe. I phone on a Saturday night, but  it goes to voice mail. I begin to worry. Where are you? Are you okay? Should I call the others to see if you called them? I worry when you tell me you and Dad went out to the super market. Please don’t fall. Please be safe and watch the road and that busy intersection. I want to be there to catch you.  I know I can be a pain, but it is because I love you.

I should always remember you are a strong, independent woman. Although you are in your senior years, I know that you are well and can take care of yourself. I will try not to let the tables turn so much, and trust that God is watching over you. I am still listening to your wise words.

Lord, help me not to worry so much about tomorrow, but to embrace and cherish the memories.

IMG_2719Happy Mother’s Day.

What’s in my New and Improved Gym Bag

I finally caved and bought a new gym bag. My first two gym bags I bought at the flea market had huge rips on the inside pockets and inner lining. I guess it’s true as the old saying goes, good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good. For the last few months, I’ve been toting around a reusable shopping bag to the gym. I actually got this complimentary reusable shopping bag from my gym. I really love the motivational quotes printed all over it, but I couldn’t deny that its days as a gym bag were numbered when the straps started to tear. And let’s face it. Who wants to use a reusable shopping bag as a gym bag?

My old “gym tote”:




I decided to spend a pretty penny and buy a quality bag to carry all my fitness doodads and whatsits.  I also needed a bag that would accommodate my yoga mat. Time to transfer my items from my old gym/reusable shopping bag into my chic new Elle Yoga/gym tote.



Let’s see:

  • plenty of room for my gym clothes
  • my waist pouch for my ear-buds and phone
  • cross-trainers
  • water bottle
  • deodorant
  • extra socks
  • gym towel
  • and an extra compartment for my tablet. This is perfect because I often take my tablet to the gym if I want to use one of my fitness apps for cardio.

I think it was a wise and necessary purchase for sure.



What’s in your gym bag?

Do you use reusable shopping bags for things other than groceries?



Starting to Thrive with the Five by Five!

Hello and happy pre-May. The Five by Five is my jive. Also I was just looking for another word that rhymes with five. But seriously, it keeps me alive. (oops, now I can’t stop.) Moving right along, the program is going great! I have been doing the 5 by 5 for about a month or more now, and I have progressed in strength in all the upper body compound movements.

Starting Point in bench press: 20 lbs with the Olympic bar
Progress up to date: 27 lbs with Olympic bar

Starting point in over head presses with bar bell: 40 lbs
Progress up to date: 45 lbs

Starting point in bar bell back rows: 40 lbs
Progress up to date: 50 lbs

Starting point in pull-ups: Dead hangs for 10 seconds
Progress up to date: Dead hangs for 20 seconds
What the heck is a dead hang? See here.

Just hangin':

IMG_2685IMG_2687Other noted progression: On leg days, I will fit in a few push-ups to see if I am indeed getting stronger from the program. My push-up starting point was 20. Progress up to date is 22-25 repetitions. We are still doing the pull-up challenge at my sister’s home gym. I have increased one inch in pulling myself up to the bar. Slow and steady, but I feel I am getting there finally.

And in other breaking progress news….the best is yet to come…….

I DID ONE UNASSISTED CHIN-UP!! Deserving of bold caps because this exercise was also extremely difficult and felt impossible to achieve, however, I did it. This could only mean I am getting closer to achieving one unassisted pull-up!.

My favourite compound move is the over head bar bell press up. You know how T-Rex loves to see any development in shoulders:

IMG_2684IMG_2675And up, up we go:

IMG_2681Please excuse the stiff smile, but I was trying to look happy.

Five by five and I will survive. I only want to strive. I promised I would stop rhyming didn’t I? Okay, I will only stop if I stop writing so I’m gonna go now and spare you nice people.

Why You Gotta be so Rude?

Last week I was drinking my morning java, watching a little HLN with Robin Meade as per my usual routine. I usually don’t rant on social media, but a story that HLN featured had me in a ranting kind of mood. Some news reporter named Britt McHenry had her car towed while dining out with friends. I have never heard of this women prior to this event, so I can’t say much about her character as a TV personality.

Now, having your car towed must be a frustrating experience. It has never happened to me, but I can imagine coming out of a restaurant/mall/event only to discover that your car is gone is very upsetting. I have been in various frustrating situations. Banking error mishaps made by a teller, lost luggage, stolen credit card. Being put on hold or given the brush off or run around can be very frustrating when you are already in a bad mental place.  However, is it okay to behave badly?

She went on nothing short of a tirade as she waited to recover her car. Telling the tow truck company employee all kinds of awful, insulting things about her physical appearance and more. When the tow truck driver motioned to Britt McHenry that there is a camera that is recording every word right above her, Britt looked up at the camera with a smug scowl and continued on her tirade saying things to the woman inside the tow booth along the lines of, (and this is all from my memory of the HLN story so some quotes are surely not excact.) “I have a degree and you don’t.” “I guess you have to work in a scummy place like this. Maybe if I was missing some teeth like you they would hire me here.” “I have a good education and you don’t. I actually have a brain.”

As she snatched her keys, she turned to the employee with one final jab (as though she didn’t jab enough) with this, “yea, lose some weight honey (or sweetie). I’m on TV and you’re stuck here in a trailer.” I do not care if you are the most educated person in the world. Your words made you look foolish. I don’t care if you have the best, dazzling set of teeth in all of North America, along with the hottest bod to boot. Your words make you very ugly. I don’t care if you have the best paid job with six figures or more. Your words have made you poverty-stricken.

Now, as I said I don’t know this woman from Adam. Her emotions may have gotten the better of her, but I still feel staying in control of your emotions speaks volumes. This display tells me that Ms. McHenry has a propensity to behave this way when things don’t go her way and can be irascible in nature.

A few years ago, I went to waterfront restaurant downtown with my friend for dinner. The waitress was very rude and condescending when we inquired about pricing and specials. She made us feel almost like, well if you can’t afford to eat here, then suck it up and like what I tell you.  I was insulted, my friend was insulted. So what did we do? Verbally assault the waitress? No.  We decided we were not leaving her a tip and talked to the manager about her lack of customer service (and got a new server and a free glass of Pinot I might add :)

It’s okay to be frustrated and expect good service. It is never okay to be a jerk. So my friends, to me the tow truck worker came out on top. With all of Britt McHenry’s college credentials, booming bod, and perfect news anchor smile, she was looking like one ugly person on the inside.



One Step Forward

I wrote about my condo gym facility being a place where an important lesson can be learned. My building has many senior citizens, some with debilitating illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, as well as other people who are recovering from knee surgery or a stroke. What I realized from using this gym is that these individuals are not focusing on what they cannot do, but rather on what they CAN do. They refuse to allow their ailment to keep them back from being as healthy and fit as they can be.

It was in my building gym where I first met personal trainer and health coach Brenda Holder. She was working with her client “John”, an elderly gentleman who suffered a stroke. They worked on some walking as well as doing some light weights as he sat in his wheelchair. What I loved seeing was Brenda’s interaction with John. She gave him the perfect combination of gentleness and a firm nudge to complete his workout to his full potential. I could see in John’s face he felt happy to achieve these goals.

Brenda was kind enough to meet me at a nearby Starbucks to discuss her experience as a personal trainer and health coach and answer a few questions. Her primary goal is to help the client focus on the positive and having a healthy mindset before achieving their physical goals, as she feels the two go hand in hand.

I am pleased to present my inspirational story for this month.

• How did you start training adults who are in their middle and senior years?

I had previously been working with children and adults in a fitness capacity and a friend of the family contacted me regarding an exercise program. This individual was of senior age and she was looking for some guidance and support on starting some exercises in a safe manner. I started working with this individual at her condo gym, and a result of me working with this person; I had the pleasure of meeting other residences that lived in the building. There was a couple that came to the gym every day and the husband was recovering from a stroke. They asked me if I would be able to work with the husband because he was struggling to walk again and they were looking for some additional support in his recovery. I was very honored and excited that they were interested in my services.
I have been working with this individual for over 2 years and he has made sufficient gains with his mobility. When I first started working with him, he spent 80% of his time in the wheelchair and presently he spends 10% of his time in the chair.
I have always been open to trying new things and I am truly grateful for having this opportunity, we can all learn so much from each other.

• How are some ways physical activity can positively benefit a senior’s quality of life or people in general as we age?

There are so many great benefits to why we should exercise; first off our bodies are made to move, so when we go for a walk, dance or ride our bikes, we are releasing the hormone called Serotonin which is often referred to as the “Happy Hormone” this makes us happy. We are providing our heart and brain with more oxygen which allows us to remember more and be more alert. It also provides us with more energy and we sleep better when we are moving our bodies. The other important benefits are that when we do exercises this helps us to strengthen our bodies; we release the minerals that are needed to help keep our bones strong which in turn reduces our chances of injuries. When we are more active there are less need for medication and our overall health is better.

• What kind of suggestions would you make for an individual who is say, in their 50’s, but has led a sedentary lifestyle, but now wants to become more active?

I would highly recommend that the individual follow up with their family Doctor and make sure there are not any health concerns to consider. Also it is very beneficial to consult a fitness professional, like a Personal Trainer who can develop an individualized fitness program that will take into account the person’s health needs and goals and create a program that will be safe and fun.

• What is your most memorable success story?

My most memorable success story would be working with my client that had a stroke and witnessing him walk independently. This story has been very meaningful for me because it really speaks to determination and the spirit of never giving up. This individual truly has the determination to keep going. Every day no matter how he feels, he continues to keep moving and he has been very focused on his goal of walking again. Two summers ago, I had convinced him that it was time to go outside and walk. Since his stroke, he hasn’t been able to leave his condo unless it is for medical appointments. This was a big step for him. When he got on the sidewalk, he found it very challenging to lift his left leg which is paralyzed. He wanted to stop and asked a few times to sit in his wheelchair; however, I knew that if he stopped he would probably not try again, so he continued to walk ahead with my support and guidance. When he reached the tree, he was so pleased and proud of himself. This was truly a proud moment for him and especially for me.

One of Brenda's clients enjoys the benefits of walking on the park with his wife and improving his mobility after a stroke.

One of Brenda’s clients enjoys the benefits of walking in the park with his wife and improving his mobility after a stroke.

• I have heard you use the expression, “move it, or lose it.” What happens to our physical being if we are not active?

Yes, this is a common expression “ move it or lose it” our bodies were built to move and when we stop moving our joints they get stiff and we are not as flexible which affects our balance and coordination. When we are not physically active, it also affects our mental and social health which impacts our energy and the desire to socialize. It is very important to not only move your body to keep your heart and bones strong, but also to maintain good mental health.

Brenda speaks at an event.

Brenda speaks at a wellness event.

. Finally, you say that if an individual has a negative attitude, they will only sabotage their goals. As you are a firm believer in being in the correct mental place before you can get to a healthy physical place, what strategies would you use to help someone who is plagued with a negative mindset reach their goals of becoming physically fitter?

I would take the time to develop a better understanding of what the challenge are for the individual and discuss any patterns which maybe affecting their ability to follow through and be successful.
One of the strategies that I provide to my clients is called “Life Scripting” this is written document of the person’s goals. The focus is having the person’s goals aligned with their subconscious which is the key to achieving success. We often have little conversations with ourselves and they are not always very positive or productive. We tend to be the most crucial towards ourselves and this often what gets in the way of our success. The Life Script includes the individual’s goals and incorporates positive statements that the person repeats out loud to himself morning and night time. The reason that the script is read twice a day is that is gets inputted into the person’s subconscious and starts to remove the old patterns.
When this strategy is followed consistently, the individual starts to feel more positive and they are more willing to stay focused and follow through with their goals.


Thank-you Brenda for taking the time to answer my questions, and may we always be aware of the importance of being active.

Health coach, personal trainer and positivity advocate, Brenda Holder

Health coach, personal trainer and positivity advocate, Brenda Holder.

For further information about services offered at One Step Forward contact Brenda at:

Brenda Holder, CCF, PTS

Health Wellness Coach

Mobile Health and Wellness Service

Office# 905-431-1034

Email: brenda@onestepforward.ca




Back on Track

IMG_2661 Yes! I woke up to the sound of chirping and tweeting, instead of snowplows and salt trucks. Yes my dear friends, Spring is in the air and it’s not just the birds who are happy. People are out and about everywhere, from children on bikes, runners, walkers, shoppers and gardeners. What a magical time of year. The energy is palpable because you can feel how happy folks are to not have to be cooped up inside. It is funny how much the temperature affects my mood and mental psyche. My taste for thirst quenching and refreshing fruit also increases. Oh what a little sunshine can do to give me a pep in my step and put a smile on my face. My winter blahs are a thing of the past.

Today was supposed to be a rest/restorative yoga day, but California skies, sunshine and warm weather are not meant to be lazy indoor days. When it’s nice outside, I always head for the high school track. We would have gone for a hike but the trails are mostly likely still muddy, so the track was the place to be. I love running on the track because I can keep “track” of mileage through counting laps. I got in close to three miles, and surprisingly it felt great. I haven’t run since February so I was pleased. I am not supposed to do beyond two days of cardio training, but I truly enjoy working on my running and building stamina this way. I also feel wonderful afterwards.

A little post run stretch.

IMG_2664 (1)IMG_2663








Without a shadow of a doubt, I am ready for Spring.



What is putting a smile on your face today?

Insta Inspire

Hey fit fam! I love your ‘Grams.  When I started an Instagram account I doubted I would be scrolling through it much. That was not true. Almost every night, I go through my feed for recipes, workout ideas, to travel off to exotic places and to unwind.

I myself like to post about three times per week, but haven’t yet mastered the whole idea. Non-filtered, filtered, black and white, yadda yadda. I just snap something in the moment and share. In the very initial stages I snapped everything and anything to just get the feel for it. Okay, perhaps I was a little over zealous when I shared my favourite  dish towel from Williams-Somona.  Fine, duly noted. No dish towels when you can scroll through beaches, resorts and exciting things, however it is a really quality dish towel. Not a single double tap to be found for my dish towel.

There are a few accounts that have caught my eye, and I look forward to seeing posts to give me a little insta inspiration.


The beachyyogagirl Kerri Verna has a wonderful page. Who could not like a Warrior 2 pose with the ocean as the backdrop? Always stunning images that make me feel so peaceful and serene.

IMG_1222Weight training:

Camilleg33 is a Team Blade bodybuilder with a beautiful physique and humble attitude. What a great combo! What makes her stand out for me are the array of different exercises she displays. Many moves for strength, endurance and stamina are new to me and I am always learning from her posts.

IMG_1229SimplyNathalia. What can I say about this beautiful lady? I am truly in awe of her transformation. She has not only lost weight, but has built a body of muscular proportions from grit, determination, a complete lifestyle change and God. #Love!


More Fitness:

NatalieJillFit is always sharing time efficient and effective workouts. I have tried many of her 5 minute core and glute blasters when I am strapped for time. I would also be lying if I said that I didn’t love her workout gear. Visit her website and read her inspiring story about how she made a positive change for her mind, body and soul at www.nataliejillfitness.com


For nutritious and delicious meals that are always artfully displayed I look out for posts from Fitness_Meals

IMG_1226and for colourful and rich fruits and vegetables, sweet treats and refreshing looking smoothies cleanandgreeneating



Lifestyle bloggers (fitness, food, travels):

I wrote a post about this young lady because she can do a mean handstand and is a globe-trotter extraordinaire who loves her desserts. Her IG is as beautiful as her blog, always with a positive message and the importance of embracing change. TheZenKat

IMG_1220I recently discovered her blog and immediately subscribed to receive more posts. Island_Living_Midwest’s IG is classy, pretty and a little sassy! This Island girl shares lovely recipes from back home, fashion finds and tropical smoothies that make you daydream of summer on the beach, under a thatched-roof palapa.


Now, anyone wanna see my favourite potato peeler? Really, really good stuff here. Can I get a double tap? And feel free to give my dish towel some love.

What are some of your fave IG accounts?

Easter Snapshots

Good day and blessed Easter Monday. I am just winding down from a glorious four-day weekend. It is back to the grind tomorrow.

Easter always reminds me of precious moments. Easter egg hunts, ladies in their Sunday finery with white lace gloves and wide-rimmed hats and litte girls in their cute dresses and little boys in bow-ties at church.  Most of all, my faith is renewed. Christ is risen and gives me hope, even in a very troubled and at times disturbing world. Faith is hard to describe, it is just something you have to feel in your heart to believe.  Along with faith, comes time with family. I hope you enjoy a few shots of Easter before I head to the gym.  Welcome Spring.

IMG_2628On Good Friday, traditionally we have fish, specifically king fish. My mom always prepared a Belizean Good Friday meal called Boil-up. If you’re familiar with the Caribbean or of Caribbean background, you may know what Boil-up is and all the hard work it entails. Essentially, it is ground provisions, or root vegetables such as eddos, yams and cassava, all brought to a boil until cooked through. Next, you steam or bake your king fish. The star of the Boil-up is a tomato-based sauce with hard-boiled eggs mixed in, along with garlic and onions to pour over your fish and provisions. As I child, I really didn’t like this starchy and hearty meal. I was not a fan of fish, and hated finding all the bones (that is quite common in king fish). Now I enjoy this dish and it is one of my favorite Easter traditions.  This year, Andy and my sister Francine did most of the work. Fran did an excellent job on the sauce, and Andy’s fish was delicious, and not very “fishy’ in taste from all the fresh lime and lemon he used to marinate. My bro-in-law Rick made his wonderful pepper bottle, and his mom Gloria made the flour boiled cakes/dumplings, another staple of boil-up.

Boil up- 101

Ground provisions cooked and ready

Ground provisions cooked and ready

King Fish

King Fish


Gloria makes the dumplings.


Francine’s sauce was perfect.

I set the table. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it:

IMG_2642The finished plating:

IMG_2643Not complete without Marie Sharp’s Habanero sauce:

IMG_2644While the “grown-ups” cooked, I helped my nephew Malakai hide Easter eggs for a hunt after dinner.

I swear I didn't convince him to hide any eggs by the wine :)

I swear I didn’t convince him to hide any eggs by the wine :)

Easter bun fun

On Saturday, I headed over to my mom and dad’s for more eats and fun. Mom makes Easter bun for the masses. Easter bun is paired perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee and of course cheese.


X marks the spot!

No bun is complete without cheese.

No bun is complete without cheese.

Holy Easter bun, Batman!

Holy Easter bun, Batman!

Mom and I pose with a bun fresh from the oven, and a special appearance was made by the capped-crusader.

Huge Potluck

On Sunday, we headed east to Whitby where Andy’s cousin-in-law lives. She always has a huge spread that never disappoints. This year, there was salted cod-fish cakes, ham, stewed chicken, stewed king fish, macaroni pie and every salad known to man on the menu.

People make their rounds in true potluck style.

Can you believe I made time for the gym between all the eating? I got in a little 5 by 5 action, cardio from the Nike app shredder as well as some foam rolling.

IMG_2631Before some Spring cleaning and eating some leftovers, I am heading to the gym for workout 1 of my 5 by 5 cycle.

As always, wishing you a wonderful week, and faith. Faith in your beliefs, your goals and in yourself.